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Our range of food and beverages

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Getting your product to the right place, to the right people and at the right time is essential for any business. Nothing is more embarrassing than a product arriving in a damaged state, late to a store or worse, not arriving at all! It is this situation which has driven us to develop an ultra reliable, efficient and flexible distribution system specific for the UAE region.


Drawing from over 10 years of experience in the F&B industry, Global Green Foods is a cross between a green grocer and a distribution centre. We directly sell all of our products to individual customers while simultaneously stocking our range in all major retail and catering outlets. This way we will not only have your products close to the customer, but directly on their doorstep as well!


At Global Green Foods we feel the forming of a long-term union of industry leading products is not achieved by merely building up a list of clients, but by creating long-term partnerships. The combination of like-minded visionaries bringing together great products and ideas, and Global Green Foods' full in-house marketing and financial team means the consumer is given a product that is:

• Unique
• Tasty
• Healthy


We ensure that all the suppliers, manufacturers and packaging companies we work with encompass these three ideals and develop help products around them. Working with the largest or most famous companies in the food industry does not always guarantee success in the market. Global Green Foods has confidence in dealing with smaller and more creative companies who truely share our philosophy of unique and innovative food produce.

who grow the best possible grain of rice under conditions that maximise the quality of a grain, while still minimising its impact on the ecological landscape.

who invest significant amounts of time in cleaning and sorting each grain just so every bag of King of Basmati lives up to its namesake.

who develop new materials and sealing systems just so each bag of classic rice looks better and lasts longer.


Global Green Foods is always looking for new companies or individuals to work with. We offer the following services:
• Idea to product development of food and beverage items.
• Dedicated team with over 20 years experience in UAE and GCC markets.
• Access to our extensive client base including food services, supermarket, airline and outlet networks.
• Advice / Assistance in local marketing, product labelling, brand positioning.
• Product design and development.

Individual Customer Orders

Global Green Foods is a company with a difference. Delivering right to your front doorstep is just one of the many ways in which we are trying to change the food industry. When trying to connect to your consumer on a personal level, customer service is the key.
How does it work?


• The customer calls our highly trained staff
• He or she places an order
• The required product is prepared and loaded into the daily consignment
• Item is delivered to your address (Service currently operates in the Emirate of Dubai)


What We Do


"Bringing Healthy Food to the Masses"

With a belief that great tasting, high quality, healthy foods and beverages should be available to anyone, throughout their food eating day; the 4 partners of Global Green Foods decided to launch a revolutionary concept to the people and companies of the UAE.

Not following the traditional ideas of a ‘distribution company,’ Global Green was and continues to be the first food-house to design, develop, sell and market an exclusively healthy range of food and beverages in the UAE.

Creators of our own products and as trusted distributors of some of the world’s most revolutionary brands, Global Green Foods is quickly becoming one of the leading suppliers of quality, healthy foods to UAE based customers and companies. With dedicated storage and office facilities in Dubai and a fleet of self-owned transportation vehicles to effectively distribute products across the UAE; with employees with over 10 years experience in the GCC region and a robust supply chain guaranteeing product availability; Global Green Foods is your trusted partner in all things food.

Our greatest source of inspiration continues to be our customers, those who believe in a better way. The select few who have a different perspective.

So if you're a customer who wants to experience foods unlike ever before, a retailer or wholesaler who wants to stock a revolutionary range of products or a company who wants to work with a trusted supplier to the world’s largest hotels and airlines; dare to be different, think Global Green Foods.


Have you enjoyed some of our products? Have our team been nice to you when you were having a bad day? Do you have a great idea and feel the need to share it with us? Or maybe you are unhappy with our service or products?

Call us on 048829299 or alternatively, fill in your information below and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Find Us

Global Green Food Trading LLC
Plot No. 597-248, Warehouse 2
Dubai Investments Park 2
P.O. Box 57388
Dubai, U.A.E.

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